BG LABS SAS complies with and applies the regulations and laws in force issued by the Colombian authorities, with the authorisations and licences required to carry out its work. Compliance with strict security protocols and regulatory controls are some of the premises that BG LABS SAS has in its daily operation.


BG LABS S.A.S. is a company focused on the welfare of its employees, the community and the environment around us. We contribute to the development of the region, through the generation of direct and formal employment, timely payment of taxes, constant training of human resources, environmental care and use of renewable technologies for the region.


BG LABS SAS is a company committed to sustainable development, our methods ensure the highest quality of the products we grow, while contributing to the welfare of nature. We have made available all the technical, technological and operational knowledge at our disposal, with the purpose of guaranteeing an efficient and environmentally friendly production process. This, thanks to the support of our human talent, which permanently offers its effort, commitment and responsibility in each of its work to eliminate the impacts on the environment. BG LABS SAS does not use fertilisers, insecticides and pesticides of chemical synthesis; we use and dispose of waste properly, through composting processes and accredited external managers; we use water resources efficiently, recovering rainwater that is conducted to our reservoir; we improve the quality of wastewater through a treatment plant; we cultivate native species that give a better perspective of the landscape; among other activities. All of the above with a focus on clean crop production (CP), which reduces our carbon footprint and has permits and authorisations from the competent environmental authorities, which demonstrates our commitment.